Syrian Forces continue offensive against extremists in Southern Syria, despite US opposition

Syrian Forces continue offensive against extremists in Southern Syria, despite US opposition

Despite the US Air Force attack on May 18 over a column of Syrian pro-government forces, rebels and Iranian volunteers in southern Syria, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allies have no intention to stop movement to the border with Iraq, pushing mobile units to At-Tanf and advancing in recent days another 20 kilometers. Located on the Damascus-Baghdad Highway, At-Tanf is a border-crossing point between Syria, Jordan and Iraq.

Moreover, increasing involvement of the Syrian Army in offensive operations make evidence that the US strike achieved the opposite effect than the US expected. Damascus demonstrated fearlessness by intensifying the offensive and advancing to At-Tanf in order to take it under control.  This obviously disconcerts the US-led coalition, since during the transition of hostilities in the At-Tanf area to an intensive phase, the retaliatory strikes of Syria and allies will be directed against American and British troops illegally located in Syria.

At the same time, SAA units launched an offensive along the border with Jordan, having advanced 40 kilometers in recent days. The competition for establishing control over the southern province of Al-Sweida is becoming more acute.

Recall, the US-led Coalition conducted airstrike against a SAA column of 27 vehicles at the area of 29 km from the At-Tanf hamlet, where the US prepares its extremists. The result was two tanks destroyed, ZSU-23-4 Shilka damaged, six soldiers killed and three others injured. Besides that two American F-22s intercepted an unarmed Syrian aircraft.

In both cases, the Americans claimed they have been establishing a 34-mile security zone around At-Tanf. But it’s quite clear that this "security zone" is illegitimate and exists only in the mind of the US military.

Operating under the cover oh the "New Syrian Army" from the territory of Jordan, USA, Britain and Jordan support the operations of Islamists in southern Syria.

It should be also noted that except for the US-led Coalition, Islamic extremists of the "New Syrian Army" and Syrian troops, ISIS terrorists are also still acting in the area of At-Tanf and have recently destroyed 2 communication towers in the area.

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