A little about the meeting with the Riyadh group in Moscow

A little about the meeting with the Riyadh group in Moscow

A little about the meeting with the Riyadh group in Moscow


On January 22 in Moscow, a delegation of Syrian oppositionists from the so-called "Riyadh group" met with the leadership of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Although the meeting was held in closed mode, the motley force of the Syrian opposition is already full of rumors.

Thus, according to some opponents of the current Syrian authorities, among those who have long been in Istanbul, Amman and Paris, in the course of communication with the Russian side, the current leader of the "High Commission for Negotiations" Nasr Al-Hariri stated that he does not refuse to participate in the Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue in Sochi.

In the official commentary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia it is stated that the representatives of the “HCN" arrived in Moscow to discuss not only the general course of the inter-Syrian talks, but specifically issues related to the holding of the Congress. However, nothing has been reported about the opposition's attitude to this event.

This is understandable, since officially the leading opposition groups have already refused to participate in the most representative for all years of confrontation with the national forum. On the other hand, it is known that many figures, both among the political wing of the opposition and among the field commanders, are ready, if not to attend the Congress personally, then to meet with the Russian delegates informally in the context of this event, in order not to miss the wave.

The fact that the Congress is supported by Turkey and Iran, makes the hearts of professional Syrian foreign opposition beat with excitement. Such a consensus predetermined the success of the talks in Astana. At the Congress, however, hundreds of representatives of the most diverse forces from the ends of Syria will arrive. Civil activists, tribal sheikhs, community leaders - many of them are not directly connected with any political force, they do not directly support the authorities or their opponents, but they determine the "alignment on the ground", represent the entire palette of the Syrian people and are directly interested in establishment of peace.

Afraid to stay behind, the delegates of the "Riyadh group" claiming to be called the most representative union of the Syrian opposition not only accepted the invitation of the Russian Foreign Ministry to come to Moscow for bilateral talks, but also clearly, as the sources say, : they are not against the Sochi event in principle and they are ready to negotiate with Russia "on an individual basis."

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