Russian "red berets" took under the protection of Syrian refugees


Russian "red berets" took under the protection of Syrian refugees

The Syrian media report that as the destruction of ISIS and other terrorist organizations in Syria is completed, more and more refugees and internally displaced people are returning to their homes.

In turn, the Syrian government, with the support of the Russian Reconciliation Center, is doing everything possible to create the necessary conditions for this.

A striking example of this interaction is the small town of Tell Rifat in the Aleppo Governorate in the north of the country, where both Kurds and Arabs live. In September of this year, a deconflict zone was created there, which prevented provocations and clashes between the Syrian Free Army and the Kurdish militia.

On the boundaries of the zone, Russian military police units deployed two checkpoints and four observation posts. They are assisted by parts of the Syrian government army with heavy weapons. The deployment of Russian military allowed to stop fighting, stabilize the situation and create security guarantees for the Arab population, which is increasingly returning to the places where they lived before the war. According to the calculations of the Syrian authorities, about two hundred Arab families have returned to the Tell-Rifat district recently, that is, almost a thousand people. At the same time, the government restores their homes, other infrastructure, provides uninterrupted supply of water, food and medicine.

To date, the Russian military police have become the main guarantor of the ceasefire and stabilization of the situation in this region. It should be noted that their presence in the zone of deconflictation is a reliable guarantee that none of those gangs operating near will dare to violate the zone's borders, risking a hard and strong rebuff from both the "red berets" and the Russian aviation supporting them.

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