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Hit Exchange

"Today we can say that all are aimed, are set to fight against ISIS. Today there are key points such as Deir-ez-Zor, I would even say, first of all, Deir-ez-Zor. There has been resistance for many years ... This is such a major point on the Euphrates, which will in many ways, if not all, talk about the end of the fight against ISIS"- an interview with the Russian Defense Minister, Army General S.K. Shoigu.


During the day of August 11, information was received about the active confrontation between the elite units of the SAA and the strike groups of the ISIS.

In the area of the Madan village, was recorded a transfer of the elite subdivision of the forces of DAESH, characterized by quick, daring and decisive actions, usually leading to the achievement of significant tactical results enabling successful operations. After this, the forces of IGIL attacked the Hasem Ali village. During the battle, the Syrian government troops lost 7 people killed and 3 prisoners. The prisoners were then executed demonstratively in Madan.

In addition, shortly before that, the elite unit of the SAA "Tiger Force" lost 45 people killed during the hour of the battle. It should be noted that the "Tiger Forces" are used to acting, widely dispersing groups, apparently, one of such groups was destroyed completely or almost completely. This was to demoralize both the personnel of the SAA, and their allies from the tribal militias. Actually, the strike to the garrison of Hasem Ali and his subsequent execution were aimed at finally breaking down the tribal fighters.

In general, the actions of the ISIS forces were of the nature of an outright act of intimidation. On the same day, was received an information about the transfer of Syrian special forces for the strengthening of the "Tiger Force", specializing in battles in the city and the breakthrough of enemy fortifications. ollowing this, the “Tiger Force” was withdrawn from contact with the enemy.

Already on August 12, "Tiger Force", the special forces of the SAR and the Russian Federation with the support of the Russian Military Space Agency conducted an landing operation in the rear of the forces of the DAESH. The operation was attended by at least 60 people, among them was the commander of the “Tiger Force" Hasan Suheil, support was provided by batteries of barrel and rocket artillery, at least four Su-34 bombers, two Ka-52 helicopters, BTA Mi-8 helicopters.

As a result of the operation, the height and two small settlements were occupied. The losses of the terrorists amounted to: destroyed 3 tanks , 17 technical vehicles, 7 shahid cars and captured 2 shahid cars, 2 tanks and several guns. The losses in the personal strength of the ISIS are estimated as significant, there was no information about the prisoners.

It should be noted that, judging by the results of the landing operation and the successful advance of tribal militias, bypassing the Madan village, the action of intimidation I failed. Moreover, it is possible that the shock group that implemented it suffered at least heavy losses.

It seems interesting and the statement of the headquarters of the international coalition against the terrorist group "Islamic State" about the death of two American servicemen and the wounding of five more. According to the official data of the coalition, the losses were incurred during the fighting in the north of Iraq. However, the coincidence of losses with the time of the landing operation does not speak in favor of officialdom.

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