The fall of the helicopter, and conflicting reports about how the crash happen


On Monday 1st August, a Russian Helicopter fall in the village Tel Sultan in the east countryside of Idleb, adjacent to the south countryside of Aleppo, the crew got killed before reaching the ground, carrying 5 members 3 were members of the crew, and two Russian officers from Hmahim Russian base.

In same context, the reporter of Step News in the countryside of Idleb said that the fire signs been witnessed from the a new model Russian helicopter flying at a very high rate around 11 morning between Hmaihim airport and one of the conflict areas in the south countryside of Aleppo, holding the number RF95585 , been followed be the people of the area, while rebels where trying to shot it down, but didn’t make it because of the High altitude, part of it fall in the east of Saraqib, in Abo Aldhour area.

The reporter continued that activists and people went to the area the helicopter fall , and founded three bodies next to it, and another two were completely buried inside it, was hard to identify them.

In the same context the ministry of Russian defence made a statement about the fall of the Russian helicopter and the 5 Russian soldiers in it, in the countryside of Idleb, including two officers from the reconciliation Russian center in Hmahim airport, Explaining that the airport fall down on the way back to Hmahim base in Latakia, after the delivery of humanitarian aids to Aleppo city.



The ministry of Defence continued that the transporting military helicopter fall after been targeted with AA gun , in the countryside of Idleb, but activists confirmed that the fall was because of technical failure ,explaining that the area falls in was empty.

Witnesses also confirmed that the helicopter didn’t carry any aids as Russian claimed , and the direction was to Aleppo not at the other side as the Russian media claimed.

From the other side, one of the leaders of “Ahrar Alsham Movement” confirmed the fall of the helicopter with a video clip exclusive to “Step News”,adding “ in the 1st of August the celebration of the regime Syrian army , a Russian helicopter fall and became a crash, the same Russian pilot was doing those massacres two days ago in Abo Dhour area, which killed 4 kids the oldest was 4 years old, a man around 80’s got killed too, hit on Bennesh , Anadan , Sraqib, Taftanaz, MaretAlnouman , Atareb , Aleppo city, and other areas around, and a lot of field hospital which already out of service because of that.

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